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Green Energy Solutions, Solar Radiation, Lighting Solutions

Green Energy Solutions

Caliber Interconnect Solutions is involved in providing solutions to the World’s most critical problem of today, Energy Shortage by Electric Power Generation from Solar Light Radiation.In our attempt to keep our planet greener and cleaner, we are manufacturing range of Solar Inverters meant for large homes & Industries with different capacity requirements.

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IOT, Internet of Things, Wearable device, Sensor,wireless technologies

IOT & Wearables

With the miniaturization of Sensors, Low power microcontrollers, wireless technologies and storage networks every device having electronics and software is connected. Our wearable connected device is a security device for kids. The device houses a GPS receiver, three axis accelerometer, temperature sensor, water level sensor, GPRS for cloud communication and a rechargeable battery.

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Railways and Industrial Products, Ethernet/RS232 changeover switch

Railways and Industrial Products

Ethernet/RS232 changeover switch is designed for Railways Signaling network. The rack mountable changeover switch interfaces with the existing Railways Signaling network system.

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PCBA Functional Test, FCT, Testing assembled PCBs

PCBA Functional Test

Functional Test(FCT) is carried out on the assembled PCBs(called PCBA). FCT is the quality control test at the final stage of the production line before shipping the PCBA to the customers. Miniaturization of components and boards makes probing and fixtures difficult. The Low cost PCBA Functional test does not use any probes or fixtures.

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CPR device, Ultrasonic sensor

Medical Devices

The CPR device is an emergency life saving device used to rescue patients during a sudden cardiac arrest. The Ultrasonic sensor Module is a part of a CPR device.The Ultrasonic Module consists of a Controller module and an Ultrasonic Sensor Module. The Controller module is designed with an Ultra-low Power Microcontroller.

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Hardware, Embedded Software

Embedded Software Solutions

While the hardware provides the powerful resources, it is the intelligence of the Embedded Software which unleashes the power of the underlying hardware. Our architects and engineers understand the importance of the Embedded Software and adopts innovate ways to make it power efficient, memory optimized, feature rich and future ready.

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