KEN - VSSS - A realtime Smart Video Security Solution

Caliber offers smart AI powered intelligent video surveillance Software/Hardware Packaged Solutions for Small, Medium and Large installations called KEN-VSSS. It uses the most advanced machine learning algorithms and it can identify critically important and dangerous events to alert instantly for quick reaction to potential threats to people and properties. KEN-VSSS can be integrated with any kind and brand of surveillance IP cameras and encoders easily.

The Product learns what you care about and your user patterns, getting smarter over time and continuously improving daily summaries and alerts.

KEN - VSSS Unique Features

  • Highly Customizable according to needs.
  • Not Hardware dependent solution.
  • KEN-VSSS works with all the cameras of any brand and make.
  • Local on-premises deployment model or on-cloud deployment as per client needs.
  • KEN-VSSS takes into consideration weather as one of the varying parameters.

KEN-VSSS Surveillance Solution with Hardware

  • Our Surveillance solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and deep learning.
  • The new hardware will have more features like color correction, sharpness correction and also crop to zoom features.
  • The new cameras can be deployed using both wired and wireless IoT devices including sensors.
  • New hardware can also help in achieving better accuracy in anomaly detection as there will be better clarity on the videos being analyzed.
  • Real-time analysis such as face and gait(Biometric Monitoring) recognition is possible using combination of Software and Hardware.
  • The current hardware has low clarity (5MP) compared to the new cameras that have better clarity (up to 30 MP).

KEN-VSSS Advantage

  • KEN-VSSS can provide AI capability for the current system.
  • KEN-VSSS will use an additional login for the AI while making sure that the existing system is not discarded.
  • KEN-VSSS software can work with all the cameras individually and in combination. This means that in addition to running AI in existing wired cameras, it can also work with wireless cameras of different brands and models.
  • KEN-VSSS software can enable auto escalation based on criticality of the situation.
  • KEN-VSSS is self-learning, meaning it will learn and improve on itself over years.
  • KEN-VSSS solution is proprietary with the focus on scaling up the solution. This means our software has provisions to add more devices in the latter stage.
Smart video surveillance

Smart video surveillance

Smart video surveillance

Smart video surveillance

Smart video surveillance

Events that can be captured and Alerted

  • Crowd analysis & people counting.
  • Detects guns, rifles & knifes.
  • Intrusions & break-ins at ticket counters & Storage room in platform.
  • Suspicious items & articles.
  • Person of interest alert system (Ex: Robbers, criminal, etc. can be identified automatically).
  • Identifies and tags protagonists.
  • Detects Fire and Animals.
  • Automatic object tracking across multiple cameras.
  • Reduction of operator workload with AI-based assistance systems.
  • Unattended object identification for suspicious objects.
  • Aggressive behavior (i.e.: fights).
  • Line Crossing – detects a moving object which crosses the defined line. Entry/Exit direction can be defined and line can be drawn in any direction.
  • Intrusion Detection – provides automated perimeter monitoring and secure area protection.
Smart video surveillance