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Post Silicon validation

Caliber Interconnect solutions is one of the leading providers of test services for semiconductor ICs with a myriad of end-use applications such as: communication, consumer electronics, automobile, security, industrial and medical. Our experience working across multiple industry has enabled us to develop bespoke processes to aid in the rapid test bring up to reduce the time to market and the cost.

We offer a wide range of offerings under one roof to provide customers with the full-turnkey manufacturing solutions including: ATE Interface, Wafer sorting, packaging solutions, Test engineering solutions, Post production support etc,. Additionally, we have cultivated relationship with service partners across strategic locations in the world including in Taiwan, Vietnam, China to enhance our value offerings and provide seamless support to customers which include Bump, FAN-In and FAN-Out WLCSP, 3D Embedded Substrate Manufacturing and Burn-In.

Propositions that bring great value to our customers:

  • Providing back end IC testing allied services to world-wide customers for about two decades now.
  • Engineering talent pool well beyond 450+ - almost 95% of workforce belong to the technical cohort enabling us to cater to multitude of customers in IC testing, ATE board design, IC Packaging, Embedded services etc. in a nimble manner for a much better cost and time propositions.
  • With 200+ employees in ATE design and 70+ in Test team, capable of supporting both full turnkey projects as well as modular projects.
  • Tester resources across platform to support in-house/off sites around the world. 50k Sq.Ft test lab, strategically located to ramp up the bring up process, if needed, could augment tester resources from elsewhere.
  • Our engineers have the right combination of experience and expertise across different tester platforms and product types. Team composition in terms of experience is as below: 30-40% as 8+ years; 40% as 4+ years; 30% below 3yrs;
  • With strong tester hardware design background and robust programming skills, our test engineers, with deep understanding of tester instrumentation, can quickly debug any board related issues and device debug challenges.
  • Our test engineers work with designers at the pre silicon phase to enhance the testablity of Silicon, greatly increasing the test coverage and effectiveness.
  • Swift Feasibility study and test process timeline projections foretell customers to anticipate and plan realistic schedule for a product bring up.
  • Deep and diverse product exposure and nimble adaption to any new test platform.
  • TTR(Test time reduction) audit to fix the known and unknown time consumables in the program to maximize cost benefits.
  • Team can act as an extended arm to customer's in house testing team leveraging the time gap and expedite test development time either through remote or using in house tester.
  • Well thought out process mechanisms been followed to ensure utmost quality and consistent upgrading of skills been enforced anticipating future needs of clients. Impenetrable data network to secure customers confidential data for offsite development.
  • Over the years, Caliber has cultivated long term relationship with ATE Tester suppliers, test hardware vendors, OSAT and fab houses that can be leveraged to benefit our customers.

IC Test Engineering Services

Test Applications

  • Test strategy and planning.
  • Prototype Testing.
  • Wafer Sorting/Final test (low/high volumes).
  • Qualification and Characterization.
  • Production releases.
  • Cross Tester Platform conversion.
  • IP Development.

Sustaining support

  • Parallel/multisite test solution.
  • Pattern compression.
  • TTR/Yield improvement/RMA.


  • Cost optimized turnkey test engineering.
  • Unified platform architecture development and JIRA systems.
  • Test consulting.
  • Postproduction and support.
  • Tester Remote Access support.

Products Portfolio

  • Digital.
  • Analog.
  • Mixed Signal.
  • SOC/IOT.

Semiconductor Test Engineering

Test Engineering Infrastructure

SoC Tester

  • Advantest V93K – Smart Scale
  • Teradyne UFlex


  • Advantest V93K
  • Teradyne Eagle ETS
  • Teradyne J750
  • Vector Conversion Tools
  • TSSI/VTRAN/Velocity


  • Thermostream ATS-545-M-9

State of art of ATE Test House


Our Engineers


Thermostream test

SOC Validation hardware concept design and development


Caliber Interconnect solutions has in depth experience in designing and developing validation boards for major semiconductor companies keen to evaluate their products in a quick and cost-effective way.


  • More than 1000+ evaluation boards have been designed and delivered.
  • Demonstrated expertise in successfully validating a multitude of ICs High Speed digital, RF, and/or Mixed Signal.
  • Strong partnership with many leading EDA companies and has exclusive access to the latest tools and methodologies.
  • Solid exposure on IC protocols including I2C, JTAG, MPI, etc,.
  • A firm handle on firmware on different micro controller platforms including different ARM controllers, connectivity chip sets enabling to devise an easy to use, intuitive, robust firmware (and GUI) stack from a preliminary data sheet to showcase the capabilities of the Silicon.
  • Leverages dexterity of engineers handling EDA design tools and IP driven process to design and develop boards which can be used from the day one - right at the first time on the schedule.
  • In house simulation expertise to ensure the reliability of hardware and to analyze various SI/PI issues like reflection due to impedance mismatch, crosstalk, signal attenuation, and PDN noise which affects the interconnect performance.
  • With assistance from our EMS partners, we speed up proto and production board requirements ahead of schedule.

Protocols Worked

  • PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, HDMI, SPI, I2C, CAN, DDR etc.


Key offerings:

Functional validation

  • I/O interfaces including USB, HDMI, SPI, I2C, Ethernet etc.

Power and Performance validation

  • Across PVT electrical validation.
  • Power characterization,Validation.
  • Bespoke test cases & standard benchmarks.

Board Development & Automation

  • Test case automation and regression.
  • Board Bring-up and interface development.
  • Full range of functional, performance and power validation.

Tool Expertise

  • Measurement tools - CRO, LA, Spectrum Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer.
  • Automation tools/environments - Labview, PYTHON, PERL.