Caliber Interconnect Solutions is an well-experienced engineering service provider, which includes PCB Designing and PCB CAM. In our CAM Division, we have state-of-the art hardware and Software facilities for post processing of Gerber data. Our Engineers have in-depth knowledge in PCB manufacturing process and have vast experience in converting the electronic data into pre-production files. Hence our service features quality and quick turn around with the aid of cost-effective inhouse developed productivity improvement tools. Our sophisticated system enables us to serve you the very best with 100% quality which will lead you to zero defect fabrication.

PCB CAM Startup PCB CAM Initial Setup PCB CAM File Flow PCB CAM Work setup PCB CAM Services


  • Low cost, highly productive solutions that directly translate into improved yields
  • Can port any customer scripts to our environment
  • Straight to shop-floor solutions
  • No restrictions on number of layers
  • Capable of producing customized tools at any point of requirement


  • Truly an extension of your Fab house
  • Prompt delivery to production
  • Time difference - Added advantage
  • Free services for sample projects
  • 100% quality outputs