Automation Systems

Automation Systems - Product Description

We offers a wide range of automation and processing technologies, including controllers, drive products, power distribution and control products, electrical discharge machines, computerized numerical controllers with the single aim of improving higher productivity—and quality—in the factory floor. In addition, our extensive service networks ensure comprehensive support to customers.

Our expertize in Mitsubishi A, Q,FX series, Siemens SIMATIC S7, Allen Bradley Micro Logix PLC’s and HMI has been recognized by the industry.Our engineers have a collective experience of several decades in working with Mitsubishi, Siemens PLC and their sure-footed insights help us to proffer the right solution for LC hardware, HMI software and accessories as per your requirements.

We cater to automation requirements of myriad of processes across multiple industries namely,

Industries to apply Automation

  • Automotive
  • Metals
  • Pick and Place application
  • Water Plant
  • Herbal & chemical Extraction Plant
  • Food and Beverage
  • Identification Systems
  • Chemical Plant
  • Cement, Paper and Pulp
  • Tyre Industries


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
It is also known as SCADA is an industrial tool used for monitoring and controlling industrial operations. It is also called as industrial control system (ICS). The objective of SCADA is to monitor and control industrial activities which are operated at different sites or places that are separated by distances. Activities such as industrial process, infrastructure processes are good examples for the application of this tool.

Program Logic Controllers
It is used to automate devices that involve in electromechanical processes. PLC controllers help to automate various operations in industries that deal with electromechanical works.

Human Machine Interface
It is the virtual place where the interaction between humans and machines occurs. Communication between man and machine is directly related with the effectiveness of the operation that is intended to be a controlling feature.

Variable Frequency Drives
It is a motor equipment installed within position control or speed-control feedback control system. Its major applications are in pen plotters and machine tools. VFD's main objective is controlling Speed and torque of electro-mechanical drives. These are used in many small and big appliances such as compressors.

Data Logging Systems
This device is primarily used to display information. The display or output may vary according to the difference in inputs given or the purpose and also the location in which it is installed. These types of displays are ubiquitious these days.

LED Matrix Displays
10kW Standalone inverters that produces 230V 50HZ Sine Wave output. This system is suitable for large size homes and Industries.Battery capacity will be provided based on backup time required.

Servo Motor Drives
It is a motor equipment installed within position-control or speed-control feedback control system. Its major applications are in pen plotters and machine tools.

These detectors identify and measure quantity of physical objects. This information is then sent to the observer or the one who has installed the sensor or the tracker. This is done mostly with the help of electronic devices.